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About GeoDanmark

GeoDanmark is an association established in October 2007 between the Danish state (Danish National Survey and Cadastre) and six of the municipalities in Denmark. Today (july 2009) more than 88 of the 98 municipalities within Denmark are members.

GeoDanmark works for the establishment of a unified public topographic mapping of Denmark with the aim to become one of the main elements in the national strategy for eGovernment in Denmark.

The purpose of GeoDanmark is to create a coherent mapping so that all Danish authorities – state as well as local – have a common understanding and a solid base for cooperation on a local and national scale.

The GeoDanmark-specification forms the basis for the creation of a geographic database containing a seamless and uniform set of geodata that covers all Danish territories except the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Download GeoDanmark specification 4.0 from july 2009 - here.

appendix L, appendix M and about the changes from FOT3 to FOT4 here.

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